We Believe...

Believe? You bet, here at LPF we believe….

We believe because we spend lots of time in our farm forest here in Gilmanton NH, especially in the sugar bush!  This is where we find and hear the trax of our Yeti neighbor.

We call him Shuug, short for Sugar, and we believe he finds energy Drinking from our sap pails and knocking on our maple trees, and even getting in our berry patch from time to time.  Sometimes we even sneak a peek while he relaxes in Loon Pond or drinking from the brook.

Come visit and keep a watchful ear and eye for the call of the wild, the wild flavor that is. While here enjoy some “Wildly Delicious” Maple Products while you search for your own clues.

For those who can’t make the journey let us bring the flavor and fun to you.  Order here and even get a BIGFOOT sticker of SHUUG with your quart purchase of BIGFOOT Maple Syrup.  Believe.

Believe in the flavor ~ wildly delicious